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Nanguang Power strives to serve the power station in terms of reconstruction of technology, energy saving and discharge decreasing---Shenzhen Energy Corporation is liable to utilize the new technology of 4-Dimensional gas turbine machinery design to implement renewal and upgrade of technology.
Author:Liang Zhentu Source from:Nanguang Power 1360
With the rapid development of national economy and industrialization, the power station has become a main industry consuming a great deal of energy and resources and become a main pollution site. Gas turbine is the core equipment of power station. The rationalization of its structure design and improvement of its working efficiency will improve the rate of usage and alleviate the burden of environment, which will utilize the resources and protect environment more efficiently at the cost of least consumption of resource and cost of environment. By means of this, it will maximize the economic profit and social benefit. Mawan Power Station affiliated to Shenzhen Energy Corporation  possesses a set of 300 MW gas turbine generator unit which is the old product of the 1990s. The company intends to reform the old one to improve the condition of operation and the efficiency of units.
By careful arrangement and coordination, Shen Qun, the General Manager of Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd, Luo Mingsheng, the General Manager of Steam Turbine Company under NTC, Xu Xingzhong, CEO and PhD Li Baoqing, Vice General Manager from Beijing 4-D Power Technology Co., Ltd accompanied by Chen Shenghong, the Managing Director of Shenzhen Nanguang Power Co., Ltd paid a visit to Shenzhen Energe Corporation. The visit was warmly welcomed by Shen Bing and Sun Qiyun, the General Manager and Vice General Manager respectively of Shenzhen Energy Corporation (briefly known as SEC).
During the period of talk, firstly, Shen Qun, the General Manager of NTC, introduces the specific condition of development of Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd to the leaders of SEC. At the same time he expresses his passion and eagerness to cooperate with SEC in more aspects.  In addition, he also analyses the relation of stock between Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd and Beijing 4-D Power Technology Co., Ltd.
Then, the General Manager of Beijing 4-D Power Technology Co., Ltd introduces how his company manages to perform self-originality and work out the techniques of four-dimensions.
He introduces their company is dedicated to wield the techniques to improve the old impeller and exploit the new product to accomplish the renewal of products made in China.
Compared with the traditional design of gas turbine, this technique can improve the work efficiency by 5%8, the power output can be increase by 10%. The thermal efficiency  is elevated to be the world leader currently. Capacity target is superior to or at least equivalent to that of products manufactured by foreign corporations. At the same time the safety reliability is greatly improved. The research object is not merely confined to study gas turbine lamina but to research on the all relevant parts flowage and structure.  The whole process includes boiler furnace steam enters into the main regulator valve and then it applies work and it the steam is excreted from exhaust steam scroll-case to exhaust steam device. Undoubtedly, it will improve the thermodynamic efficiency and the rationality fatherly.  Mr. Xu, the general manager, analyses the evident advantages in details that Mawan Power Station affiliated to SEC adopts, by using all 4-D technique, can save a lot of energy ,decrease the discharge and get more investment rewards. Mr. Xu also introduces the projects which have been finished are being reconstructed by making use of the advanced technology.
Finally, Li Bing, the general manager from SEC, shows his strong interest in employing the new know-how of 4-D gas turbine design to rebuild the projects with the hope that they continue to cooperate and construct a new win-win phase.
The economical development should be recyclable. We are apt to build a society characterized by thrift, which is the essential need of implementing the conception of scientific development and the strategic choice of establishing an affluent society.
Shenzhen Nanguang Power Co., Ltd is willing to make contributions striving for its goals by taking all the advantages to serve the customers.

Shen Qun, the General Manager from Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd visited Shenzhen Energy Corporation.   Li Bing, the General Manager from SEC, Sun Qiyun the Vice General Manager from SEC and Shen Qun, the General Manager from NTC negotiated at the meeting.

translated by Fangjie (checked by Donaldhwang)